Consumer Proposal

Why File Bankruptcy when we can find you a way to repay a portion of what you owe ?


Let us give you a hand to forge the best possible agreement to provide you with immediate protection from debt collectors and arrange for a partial repayment of your total unsecured debt owing.


Benefits of  Consumer Proposal Program:


  1. Under Consumer Proposal, Debt Collectors May Not:
    • Call you repeatedly
    • Use abusive or foul language
    • Contact your neighbours, relatives, coworkers, or employers about your payments or your financial history
    • Use deceptive or otherwise illegal practices to obtain unwarranted information
    • Misrepresent the status or amount of your debt
    • Disclose your debt to third party
  2. Your interest can stop accumulating from the day a your consumer proposal is filed.
  3. Consumer Proposal will do less damage to your credit than filling a bankruptcy.
  4. Majority of wage garnishments are waved as a result of a Consumer Proposal Program.