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Debt Consolidation

We provide you debt consolidation services and take care of your debt efficiently. Our dedicated professionals are always happy to help you with their expertise and experience in the industry. We identify all the kinds of debts and dues you have as burden. After analyzing their payment schedules, due dates, and interest rates, we find the best and lowest interest personal loans to offer you. These personal loans are then used to pay off all your debts; this way we help you lower the interest rates on your debts. All of your several debts are consolidated and you are then required to make only one payment per month. We take pride in having helped several people in Toronto, Vancouver, Mississauga, Brampton and rest of Canada by offering our excellent debt consolidation services.

Debt Settlement

We offer you the Debt Settlement services and help you overcome your debts with the maximum convenience. Our specialists in the field go an extra mile to negotiate with your creditors to get them agree on an amount you can comfortably afford. We assure you of reducing your debt by settling it and negotiating with your creditors and the parties you owe your debts to. Debt settlement becomes a viable way of avoiding the flood of debt and worry. You avoid all those threatening phone calls from creditors by setting your debts. You also avoid bankruptcy and achieve financial freedom after you pay comfortably an amount we have negotiated on your behalf. Our specialized debt settlement services help you live the same healthier and stress-free lifestyle as you always desired.

Consumer's Proposals

We help you pay your debt with much greater ease by preparing the consumer proposals on your behalf. A consumer proposal is a legal agreement that is signed between you and your unsecured creditors. We prepare a consumer proposal such that your creditors agree to accept the payment of the debt over a longer period of time. This time period can be anything up to five years and after the completion of the agreed duration, the debts covered in proposals shall be considered to have been paid completely.

An consumer proposal between you and the creditors will involve an amount that you can reasonably pay over the agreed duration and during this period, creditors agree to not hassle you with any recovery/collection calls or any legal actions. Our consumer proposal experts possess the experience and skills to negotiate with your creditors to enable you to have a better payment option and flexibility without losing your sleep due to worries and harassing phone calls.


We at New Life Debt Solutions Inc., always strive to provide you the best refinancing options on your existing loans and mortgages. As we work for you with your creditors, we always try to ensure that your home or property under mortgage remains your own regardless of whatever amount of loan that stands unpaid. We possess an unbroken track record of helping borrowers like you by providing the best refinancing options in terms of lowest rates available at the time you take our services. We help you pay off your existing mortgage debt by assisting you get a new mortgage loan at the best prices available in the market. In addition, our expert debt consolidation services serve you along the course of making you more and more stress-free by being debt free eventually.


We help you with providing your bankruptcy solutions and assist you through the entire process of filing bankruptcy. Our specialists at New Life Debt Solutions Inc. are adept, knowledgeable, and experienced in carrying out the process with expertise in all the legal matters at your state and courts. Let us find out how bankruptcy helps you avoid all the unmanageable debts.

Bankruptcy is a legal process that helps you to eliminate a part or whole of your debts. This Act helps individuals who end up in financial trouble to work out their debts and pay them under the supervision of the court. When you declare Bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put on any legal action (Collections, property seizing, garnishment, foreclosure etc) taken by your creditors for non-payment of debt.


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