Are you feeling your monthly expenses are hard to bear? Do you want to find a solution? Do you feel you just can’t access the outcome you want? Most of us tend to feel this just about all the time, not to mention that we also have lots of debts that have to be paid back or other financial-related stress. This can affect your health and lead to some very bad results in the long run. So the best idea is to get rid of the long term, big debts and access debt counselling right away.

At New Life Debt Solutions our mission is to provide the highest quality results for each of our clients. Our firm can deliver you the assistance you need as someone struggling with debt. Consumers frequently have difficulty making payments because of unforeseeable financial hardship- such as a job loss – and when this occurs, they are often heavily harassed by debt collectors. We are here to help you put that to an end.

Every debtor has legal options but are often unaware of them. Our firm’s goal is to evaluate each such case individually and then passionately pursue the best result on our client’s behalf. As a debtor, you deserve a professional, who knows his way around debt & credit and the various options available and will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Avoid Bankruptcy

Thinking of Declaring Bankruptcy?

Everyone knows bankruptcy is a last resort for getting out of debt. Its impact on your credit rating affects not only the financial aspects of your life, but can interfere with your ability to get a job, insurance, and even an apartment or home. In general, bankruptcy is viewed negatively, and for those in financial jeopardy, there is always the understandable fear of being stigmatized forever.

How New Life Debt Solution can help you avoid bankruptcy?

We can help you assess your personal financial situation. You are walked through all your options for debt relief, including bankruptcy, a modified payment/debt management plan, and debt consolidation.

Our consultants work with you to help create a budget and your personalized plan for tackling your problems.

Weigh your options with us:

Helping thousands of Canadians, We can weigh all your options in a consultation session to help you make an informed decision create your own action plan.

Individuals often get overwhelmed and confused by all the terms and methods that deal with unmanageable debt. However, its all about time and numbers. Our consultants go through your options and make sure you understand them. Often, bankruptcy can be avoided and debt consolidation can be your solution.